Высота размещения мансардных

Windows Dimensions

г. Тюмень, Частный объектMansard windows Velux has won great popularity among domestic consumers for many reasons:

  • 75 years of experience in designing and producing designs best affects the functionality and durability of products;
  • The range is extremely diverse and the value is within a reasonable price range;
  • The company has been working on our market for a quarter of a century, and many technical solutions have been developed specifically for exploitation in the harsh climate of certain regions of Russia.

g. Darkness
Private object

Velux product range

opening-tb-126691-01-xxl-940x940.jpgThe Velux mansard windows belong to one of the two company ' s collections: low-cost and practical OPTIMA or PREMIUM, with improved protection, functionality, design and comfort.

The OPTIMA line is made of moisture plastic or glued wood stabilized by lamination technology, smelted anti-bacteria and water-based lacs. They are divided into two classes:

  • Standart is a wooden frame and a creativity, a single-cameral glazing, rocked outer and low-emission interior glazing, good noise insulation, increased glazing area, built-in ventilation with a removable filter, top-plane pen or lower-universal sampling control.
  • Comfort is a tree or PVC, heat-saving single-cameric glazing, interior triplexes, protection against high loads of Snow+, improved sound insulation, two-positive ventilation valve, additional cross-section sealing, thin frame and stylish design.

Combfort Class windows are produced with upper and lower punctures, as well as in a universal version (with two hands). The lower pen has two additional provisions to fix the window in one of the two heating modes.

The PREMIUM line is produced in a wooden carcass: classical or thermodrevesin with moisture monolithic white polyurethane. Glasspakette is an energy-efficient single-camera with a stripplex shield or a " supple " : two-cameral with anti-condensate and self-purified coating and Snow+ protection. Management options are the upper pen, combined, remote.

ventilation-cut-104368-01-l-940x940.jpg triplex-123051-01-xxl-940x940.jpg

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