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Subject: 5-room lease
Date of declaration of source:
Price: 210,000 RB.
Metro: Crust Island 760 m, Chkalovsky 1, 4 km, Sports 2, Petrograd 2, 2 km, Black River 2, 4 km, Old village 2, 4 km
Address: Dynamo St. Petersburg
Name: Andrei
Description: Rental of a five-room apartment on the Crest Island in a three-stage taun-house for a long period of one year! It's located in a closed TSW guard, on Dinamo Street 23. Entry into a house with a secure area. Two security posts. Perimeter surveillance. Bilateral planning. Total area 165 m2: 4 isolated rooms, kitchen beds, 3 s/o, 4 wardrobes, garage, French balcony, access to their land. Water purification system, water purification to the "light blue" shade. The warm water fields. Automated boiler. The windows are aluminium tree with a triple glacier. Mansard windows VELUX. There's all the necessary domestic equipment. Air conditioner. Completely equipped kitchen of a German LECHT firm. There's a fireplace in the house. The ceiling is 3, 5 m. Landshaft design with its own barbecue space, sunlight at night. Two free parking spaces just before entering the apartment. Utilities are valued. Tax: 210 ter. Cost: 210 hr per month of gas and ero meters.
Characteristics: Price:
210,000 RB. Price for m2:
RUB 1 273. The Commission:
No Zalax:
210,000 RB. Type:
Room apartment:
5 Building material:
Brick Stage:
3/3 Area:
165 m2 Date of renewal of announcement:

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