What's The Name Of The Window On The Roof

Виды окон на крыше

Main window varieties in the roof

Before you make a window in the roof, you need to know what it is you need. The servants are referred to as those in the roof and necessary to light and light the attic. Their vertical position requires the construction of a separate stropile structure built into the roof. It's their main difference from the mansard window that's built in the roof under the slope. The invention of hearing windows is the first half of the nineteenth century, and the mansards began after the Second World War.

Схема устройства мансардного окна

In recent years, the use of mansard windows has been increasing. Besides, by covering the same area of the roof, they give more light, by inclination, and it's much easier to arrange.

Still, there's often a dilemma: what to choose? If the house has been built long enough and some architectural frameworks need to be followed, then a hearing window is likely to come. If the house has been built relatively recently, and you just decided to make a living mansard of your house, then maybe a mansard.

First, let's look at the rumour variety. She needs special threads to have a roof.Схема устройства проема окна крыши The carcas of the propile farm and the side walls require a large number of connections with the main roof, it is quite difficult to make an eye. That's why we need a drawing created by a good specialist. Fronton and side walls wrap the building plywood and sew facades. There's blood on the roof at one level with the main roof. The rumour window to the roof is hy isolated and warmed.

Виды слуховых окон для крыши

Mansard window It's between two straps. The mansards are a barrier to water flows, because they are usually built mainly on roofs with 15-20 degrees of inclination. Modern mansard windows are quite sophisticated designs with good protection from leaks and colds. It's hard to make it, and so it's good and reliable, it'll be very difficult. So you'll make it easier for yourself to buy it from a reliable manufacturer. The cradle to the roof is performed with a back plate. In order to take water, there is a special salary in the frame presented by a metal frame located on the perimeter. In order to open it, there are friction loops in the design that are located just above the window centre. They open the window frame so that all the water that falls into it goes on the roof and doesn't get in.