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Monsard Windows

- leaders in many countries and the second largest manufacturer of mesard windows in the world market;
- One of the world ' s leading companies, accounting for about 15 per cent of the world ' s mechandise market;
-16 foreign missions worldwide (USA, United Kingdom, France, Germany, China, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Denmark);
- Over 30,000 square metres of warehouses;
- A wide-ranging dealer network in all countries where there is a demand for mansard windows;
The Facro range includes many models of wooden and plastic mechandise windows, various types of openings, products for remote control of windows and various accessories for comfort use by windows.
VELUX is an inventor and the world ' s leading manslaughterhouse manufacturer, and has been developing solutions for 75 years to improve the quality of life in a mansard using natural light and fresh air.
VELUX has plants in 11 countries, trade offices in almost 40 countries. VELUX has one of the strongest brands in the world ' s construction materials sector and our products are sold in most parts of the world.
The VELUX range includes mansard window models for different premises and functional purposes, as well as products for the most comfortable and impressive inter-referencing solutions. In addition, VELUX offers all necessary products for a professional installation, a wide range of decorated and sun-protection accessories and manual and electrical control supplies.

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