Mean Windows

The organization of natural lighting in the mansard room will require the use of special light-proof structures, which are called mansard windows. What is the need to apply them and what is the fundamental difference between manslaughter windows and traditional ones?

No snow, no knowledge, no roof slope.

Imagine the usual windows on the roof with the slope.

  • First, this would result in increased pressure on loops at openings that could not last long;
  • Second, when opening the interior of the window, the window-room would be completely in the mansard room and would decorate the already limited space;
  • Thirdly, when externally opened, external surface care would not be possible without access to the roof;
  • Fourthly, ordinary windows could not be opened in the rain.

The rotation of a half-centre of a classic tanium window is carried out around a horizontal axis shifted to the centre of the edge of the foam. Combined with the mechanism for fixing the situation, this allows for long service life, ease of discovery, savings in the useful space and simplicity of outdoor windows. Mansard windows It is possible to be converted into a heating mode without the risk of infiltration.

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Mean windows

Different types of manslaughter windows are:

  • Position and number of axis of rotation;
  • size;
  • The materials of the manufacture of the floor;
  • Location of the mechanical control pen;
  • Electrical connections and management options;
  • Additional elements and accessories.

The structure with the central position of the turn-on axis, which is characteristic of the first mansard windows, remains the largest because of convenience and relatively low production costs. The more the turning axis is moved upwards relative to the central position, the less space inside the room is open.

Combination of axis of rotation means the availability of several window opening options. A wide-ranging combination is a turning-opening and an opportunity to unlock the window, and to facilitate this function manufacturers often supply products with gas elevators ( " drivers " ).

Mansard windows are produced in a variety of sizes, but rarely exceeds 2 metres high. The manual of mechanical control may be lateral or lower.

The main distinguishing characteristic of the massary window frame is the heightened strength necessary to contain heavy snow masses. The material of the frame itself is the same as for conventional windows: PVC-profile, wood, metal.