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Mansard Windows Roto

Roto, in over 80 years of company history, one name only became a synonym of reference quality. Roto engineers have repeatedly turned users ' perception of window opportunities. As early as 1935, they gave the world a turning-out mechanism and, in 1968, revolutionary roof windows rotating around a horizontal axis - mansard windows.

Roto Frank AG is now almost 1,5,000 highly qualified staff, two large factories in Germany and Poland, and a large local production in Noginsk. And still, only the best decisions and the quality.

Mean windows Roto

Roto ' s model windows include products capable of satisfying the most demanding buyers.

  • RotoComfort i8. The material of the frame and half is PVC. Two cornering axis, 3/4 height and upper edge. Four-point lock, upper (IV) class of airproofness. Remote control (airblock, PCU or wireless network). Rapid and futile work of the stereotyping device (resistant in the frame). Large row, rich sample of glazing, internal lamination and external separation.
  • Designo R8. Material of manufacture - PVC or wood (Finish glue). Double steering system with one lower handle. Gas elevators to facilitate turning around the upper axle. Autoblock in the washing position. Disainer external swabs of a variety of colours and metal-based shades.
  • Designo R7. The material is PVC/drevesin. Switched to the top of the cornering axis to save a useful open space. Three-point lock. One-cameral glazing with an archonal filling. An internal triplex glass version is available.
  • Designo R4. PVC/derevo (clean pine in Polish territory). Classic central-transverse opening with an auto-lock for safe external caring. A single-cameral glazing with a rocked outer glass. Capability of a RotoTronic system (electronic input, DM, rain sensor) and combined designo R7.
  • For each of the mechandise window models, certain types of glazing are available, ranging from two (below) to six (Designo R8). It could be:

  • single-cameric energy-saving glazing with conventional or safe glue glazing (blueLine / blueLine Plus);
  • two-cameral low-emission bags with an inner "triplex " glass, an anti-condensate coating of the outer glass and an argoon/cryptonic filling (blueTec /Tec Plus);
  • glazing with structural external glass, making invisible interior spaces (ornament);
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