Мансардные окна VELUX

Mansard Windows Red

загруженноеFor objects 10 and more mechandise windows, the price is individual. Delivery free of charge on the Krasnodar Krai, including Crimea.

The VELUX Mansard Windows are the expression of your dream of a luxury mansard, where you can rest comfortably and feel aristocrat. The Danish brand Velux is the quality and reliability that has been verified for decades.

Are you interested in the price of the Velux Mansards? You can order them at the best value in Krasnodar. Acquisition of Velux mechandise windows at the price of the manufacturer, you get:

  • Final blocks that have undergone severe squid winds and heavy rains.
  • Energy-saving glazings manufactured in advanced technology " warm perimeter " .мансардные окна velux The minimum life of glazing is twenty years.
  • High thermal insulation characteristics.
  • An effective ventilation with all Velux windows.
  • Protect me from dust and pollution.
  • An incredibly sophisticated design.

Buy Velux mechandise windows at prices It's real. If you get an order from the Blood Master.

We declare the sale of the VELUX memorial windows of the previous generation!
The individual model discount is up to 30%.

109841-01-XLThe balance of the previous generation's memorial windows is limited!

Paradise Mansard windows VELUX

The Danish company VELUKS is an inventor of mansard windows.

VELUX has been making meancard windows for 69 years. In Russia, the company ' s products have been successfully used since 1991. VELUX product certified according to ISO 9001 (quality, 2004), ISO 14001 (environment, 2004) and OHSAS 18001

(health and safety, 2005).

Why do buyers choose?

Special to Russia ' s climate

All VELUX mechandise windows are designed to take into account the weather and climate of Russia: cold and snow in winter, wind and rain in intersex, heat and degrees in summer.

Cold protection

All VELUX glazings are filled with inert gas and have low-emission coverage Low-E for improved thermal insulation.

Protection against cross-section

The window frames are tied to each other.

Degree protection

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