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Carcasian bath with your hands.advantages and disadvantages, schemes and projects.

Many adherents want to get a good but low-cost bath. A place where you can wash and rest, and get a good bowel charge. One of the available and budgetary options is the carcasing bath with his hands: by stepping up the construction manual will open up the secrets of carcasing technology, will serve as an example for self-reliance from the foundation to the right selection of thermal insulation materials.

Carcasus technology benefits

The construction of a carcasing bath has several tasks, as it is: simple construction techniques, accessibility of materials used and rapid speed of construction. The advantages of carcasing technology include:

* The highest budgetary cost of construction;
Use of the lighted forms of foundation;
Lower thermal conductivity contributes to rapid heating;
The ability to communicate within walls, which has a positive impact on the aesthetic component of the bathhouse;
The absence of a landing enables the bath to be operated immediately after its installation and separation;
Use of environmentally sound materials;
No need for special construction equipment;
* No special construction skills are required with a carcass bath. The videos on the network show this very well;
The absence of wet cycling allows construction regardless of air temperature and water availability;
A lot of ways to separate the building.
All of these virtues contribute to the growing popularity of carcasian baths. The feedback from the owners who used such technology in the construction suggests that such facilities are cost-effective and can create excellent conditions for comfort.