Мансардные окна – размеры

Mansard Windows Dimensions

Mansard windows are special-type windows designed to be located on a roof that is both a wall of space. What windows to choose: wood or plastic? Look at the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Mensard plastic windows

Plastic windows have the following characteristics:

  • Design reliability and strength
  • Hermetics
  • Possibility of turning the glazing at 180 degrees, allowing the two-way window to wash in the room
  • Simple care that is wet cleaning
  • No need to paint the surface
  • Relatively low price

The size of mansard windows from plastic, like their shape, can vary. Standard is a rectangular form. Plastic can be painted in any colour, allowing for a successful combination of windows with an interior mansard and an outside view of the house.

Wooden windows

Wooden manslaughter windows are as long as plastic if they are properly treated. But they differ from PVC windows:

  • Environmental purity of material
  • That tree does not prevent microcirculation of air
  • Relatively high cost of wood mechandise window

But unlike polyvinyl chloride, the tree is repaired. If you buy meth windows from plastic, then the window damage will have to be replaced. Price and Mean window dimensions wood is directly dependent: the greater the window, the higher its cost.