451-77-09 Установка мансардных окон Fakro (Факро)

Installation Of Loin

In order to ensure that the installation of mansard windows and other items of FAKRO does not cause difficulties, and the designs are long and safe, the installation is required by instructions. You won't have a problem finding the document you need, they're all in this section of the website.

Contents of instructions

By opening a product document, you will find:

  • Technical description of mansard windows, black or other design;
  • Detailed illustrations;
  • sequence of correct installation steps windows in the roof or other FAKRO brand;
  • other useful materials that depend on the design described, for example, the foaming rules for extension.

Pay special attention to the videos we've recorded and installed specifically for you. The installation of manslaughter windows on video is as clear and accessible as possible, as is the case for other FAKRO brand products.

Almost all sorts

On this page of the website, you will find instructions for the installation of virtually all the FAKRO-produced designs:

  • Mensard windows;
  • Service windows for access to the roof;
  • Salaries for windows and smoke tubes;
  • Black stairs;
  • hydro-paro-insulated films;
  • role, pity, automatic control systems and many others.

You can also see. VIDEOINSTRUCTIONS♪ Watch - Main

Black stairs

Black stairs don't require special skills and additional equipment. When a black staircase is installed, several rules for adjusting its height and fortifying it in the ceiling shall be observed. Special trafares for the cutting of wooden staircases to the right height and detailed instructions describing all technological developments shall be placed in a set with each staircase. In order to provide a clearer and more visible presentation of the FAKRO production process, a number of video clips have been presented on the site with the folding of mansard windows and accessories to them, black staircases and hydro-paro-insulation films. If necessary, you may request additional information from our regional representatives who are currently working in Samara, Catherineburg, Novosibirsk and many other Russian regions.

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