Как установить мансардное окно

How To Set Up A Machine Window

Как установить мансардное окно1. Mansard windows may be installed in roofs with a drop of 15° to 90° (Figure 1a). The height of the installation may be arbitrary, but given the conditions of operation, the review and illumination of the premises, as well as the construction standards, the windows shall be installed so that the lower edge of the window is 170 cm above the floor. The height of the installation also depends on the roof inclination and window size (Figure 1b).

2. The window must be placed above the turtle, there must be a whole uncut turtle under the window.Как установить мансардное окно If the roof is covered with profiled blood material, the window shall be fixed at the recommended distance between the upper edge of the roof and the lower edge of the window. In the event that the roof is at a significant distance from the window, an additional number of blood material shall be installed. If the roof is covered with high-profile roofing material, the waves of blood shall be cut or slashed in such a way as to prevent damage to the lead pay fair (Figure 2).

3. The recommended distances between the window and the roof shall be observed:

  • Under the window: 0-4 cm for flat blood (Figures Zb) at the depth of landing J-14 cm;
  • 10 cm for low-profile roof materials (figures).Установка мансардного окна Zs);
  • 12 cm for high-profile roof materials (Figure 3d);
  • along the window: 3-6 cm (Figure.
  • above the window: 6-15 cm (Figures.

4. In the mounting on the stroils, the window is attached to the stroils by the mounting angles. The distance between the stroils shall be proportionate to the width of the window and may be greater than 2-5 cm (e.g. for a 55 cm wide window the optimum distance between the stropyls is. ♪ ♪

Как установить мансардное окно самому Монтаж мансрадного окна на стропилах

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