Фасадные окна фото

Fasad Windows

Фасадные окна и раздвижные террасные двериLarge panoramic windows and sliding terrace doors are a new popular direction in modern construction. It changes the perception of living space. Glass facades are perhaps one of the most efficient and modern ways of separating the country cottages. The stiff exterrey of your house, excellent review, innovative technologies, clean materials, thermal insulation and safety are all facade windows and FAKRO sliding doors.


FAKRO ' s facade windows - wooden aluminium - are constructed of high-quality wood in a vacuum chamber. Aluminium profiles are highly resistant to external factors. The premium-class windows may be made of different designs, colours, size and shapes: square, round, triangle, six corners, etc. FAKRO casing windows are custom-made.Фасадные окна и раздвижные террасные двери The façade of the house may also be large glass sliding doors - ideally suitable for therace glazing or the balcony exit.


Innovative technologies used in the production of sliding terrace doors allow easy and simple opening of the correlation, complementing the interface and erasing the boundary between the premises and the environment.


Through the modern RC2 security and safety system, the FAKRO mobile doors have increased protection against hacking and unauthorized entry.


Innovative technologies and high-quality materials provide long and reliable maintenance without the need for maintenance. Strong design and opening/ closing of sliding doors guarantee high quality over long years.


Фасадные окна и раздвижные террасные двериYou can easily pick up the design of the facade window under your house's interior interface, because both the outside and the inner window profile can be painted in different colours and shades from the RAL palitre (mother or satin effect). The facade windows may be implemented in two options:

Classic for classic interiors Modern for modern interns

Benefits of facades

  • Energy efficiency and high thermal insulation parameters.
  • Individual dimensions and different forms of window (quadrate, circle, semi-district, triangle, six-angle).
  • Strength of design and resilience to external factors.
  • High noise level.
  • Clean material: pine, oak, red tree.
  • High-quality foam from the brand with the world name Siegenia (Germany).
  • Modern and style design.
  • Possibility of manufacture in a super energy-saving version Thermo