Инструкцию по утеплению пола

Sex Warming

Gender comfort technology: Dry method (open).

Recommended heating thickness:

  • Clothing, closing, 150-200 mm;
  • 300-400mm intact;
  • 300-400mm

Container density: ~35kg/m cub.

Consolidation technology:

Recommended design described

In the warming of open horizontal surfaces, such as floors and inter-ethnic overlaps, the open layout of the eco-wait shall be used. The heater shall be equally distributed on the surface of the hose, after which the cover shall be closed.

In the event that there is no possibility of open laying (purified floor) the warming technology is similar to that of the roof. The only difference is that the surface is not inclined but horizontal.

Cold worm warming

There's no need to cover the equator when you're warm. There is also no need to retrieve the old contuser in the renovation of the black space. It's possible, thanks to the fury technology of the conveniencer, fills all the cavities and leaves nothing.

With regard to protection thickness: We recommend a layer of at least 30 cm for an old worm. It is linked to the fact that the warm air from all over the house will rise up and the high heat loss will be at the top of the building. It's where the heat must be kept safely by the contour.