Утепление чердачного

Puplast Worm Warming

uteplenie-mansardy-kryshi-penoplastom-video-6Consolidation of the penoplast is an effective and cost-effective way to make a room suitable for comfortable round-trip accommodation from the mansard.

This article will address the characteristics of the thermal insulation of walls, floors and mansard space through a foam. You'll find out the advantages and minus of this material, and all the nuances of how to consolate the penoplast. Remember that foam for human health is harmless.

1 What is the correct comfort?

Mansard roofwhich is consumed with its hands on the right technology, represents a multi-layer structure which consists of five main layers using foam glue:

  1. The blood and the trail system.

Потолок мансарды утепленный пенопластомThe trawl is generally used in most of the houses erected during the Soviet Union from a wooden bruce, and a turtle or schifer is used as a cover. The thermal conductivity of these materials is very high, so there is no minimum thermal insulation in the untreated roof, its task is to protect the curd from wind and atmospheric precipitation.

  1. Hydrosulation.

Special membrane films are used as hydro-isolation, which have the capacity to pass but do not pass the liquid. Normal ruberoids, which have similar characteristics, can also be used as a budgetary hydro-isolation.

Теплоизоляция с использованием пенопласта и минватыThe main task of hydro-isolation is to prevent penetrations from entering through the back of the moisture on the thermal insulation material. The persuasion of hydrosation is necessary to enable it to pass evaporation of the moisture if it is formed on the heat insulation.

  1. Warden.

Low heating material. The characteristics of most of the warmers so far popular are within 0, 03-0, 04 Vi/mk as the foam for facade.

The foam can be used as thermal insulation, and the mansard is often consumed by a mine or by an activated foam (penoplex). The comfort of penoplex mansards is more effective, but much higher than penoplast.

The main task of the winter heater is to prevent heat exchange between the warm air inside the room and the cold air of the environment. In summer, protect the mansard from warming under sunlight.

  1. Parole.

The paralysing membrane film is necessary to protect the contaminant from intrusion of the couple, which promotes the formation of the condensate, which is the main enemy of any thermal insulation material.

Пенопласт ПСБ С-25 Схема теплоизоляции изнутри мансарды