монтаж гидроизоляции

Mower Warming

теплоизоляция скатной кровли


The thermal insulation of the roof over the stroil shall be applied in new construction or in replacement of the conserver and the old roof. Work shall be carried out in the following sequence:

The construction of the stroil structure is carried out in accordance with the project document and the SNIP, taking into account the snow and wind loads in the specific area.

  • The installation of the mall is carried on the upper perimeter of the loaded walls. The two-track ball or brev may be used for its manufacture. The section in the classical version takes 150 x 50 mm, but may also be another section depending on the design of the stroil system;
  • There's a loaded structure of a rolling roof, a trail. The stagger was calculated within 0, 6-1, 0m. ;
  • For the manufacture of nastyles and hinges, use is made of wood in Class 3, for the carrying elements of the propyl system (mauerlats, runs, propyl, waste) of wood in Class 2;
  • The connecting of the carrying structure of the rolling roof can be performed with the use of curtains, rigid plates and angles of perforated steel. Kronsteins and mounting shall be made of steel with a thickness of 2 mm with anti-corrosion zinc coating. The wooden braces and the stroils of the fastened plates shall be secured by the self-reflections, nails or hangers;
  • In the lower part of the roof (at the front of the thermal contour), the starting profiles shall contain a fixture containing the PENOPLECSHOSP plate Squirrel. The height of the raid shall be equal to the thickness of the stove;
  • PENOPLECSHO Square Rings shall be stacked, starting from the established raid, in chess order. The thickness of the stoves is determined according to the climatic zone and the result of the thermal calculation. In order to ensure greater heating uniformity, it is recommended that the stoves be marked with construction scotch or mounting cells, such as PENOPLECS FASTFIXIE;
  • PENOPLECSHOSPE The squirrel is attached to the upper longitudinal raids. The height of the rivers shall be at least 20 mm, which is a necessary condition for the normal ventilation of the blood over the PENOPLECSUN Squirrel.

The roofing device is recommended to be carried out at a positive external air temperature, but it is possible to mount at a temperature of up to 15 °C if there is no snow, holo ice and rain.