Утепление мансардной части дома изнутри минватой своими руками


Refrigeration of minwat on the roof of the house or garage

from 185 p/m2

Refrigeration of the foam roof of the house or garage

150 p/m2

Stropile roof structure at home

500 p/m2

We're offering a minvatation on the roof of the house or garage at a cost of 185 p/m2. The paper's been run by professional roofers of our company with experience for over six years. The job security is three years. Quality comfort is guaranteed!

Pn-Pt from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Minwat comfort process

To effectively manage the modern roof, we use these elements in the structure of the blood pie:

  1. Insulation is intended to protect the condensate from wetting.
  2. The heater is a mineral vata from the best producers.
  3. Hydroinsulation is a layer that protects the roof system from the atmospheric moisture and condensate.
  4. Control and bars are bruises that provide the ventilation lock of the undercover space and the ability to mount the roof.
  5. Blood cover is an external roof layer, which also performs decorative functions.

We're stunning the whole roof!

We're offering optimum material to mount rooftops. Ondulin, metallurpine, profnastic, shyfer, soft blood - we always pick up the best option for a particular object and we're doing any coating.

The warming of the roof of the mineral wat is the most common way. There are several types of material:

  1. The base wata is made from the mountains. That's why she's still called a stone watt.
  2. The glacier is used for its manufacture by components intended for the production of conventional glass. But this material partially absorbs water and requires greater sensitivity in carrying out work. His small parts are fast and unnoticed and falling into the air.
  3. Shlakovata is a product of domestic liver waste. Such material is characterized by low environmental and low life, and is therefore used for the budgetary comfort of long-distance buildings.

Full warming of mansards

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