Технологии утепления

Mensard Roof Warming

Consolidation of the roof is one of the most important steps in the construction of any building. Regardless of design, this part of the building is more exposed to tension. The heat and cold, dry and humidity, winds and snow shall be operated outside, the internal relative humidity shall be activated either in turn or simultaneously. If the roof is intended to perform protective functions, its design and material shall be adapted to such conditions. In this regard, the most effective insulation material is foam because it has elevated thermal insulation properties.

Frequently, the black space becomes a living mansard. Especially if the house has a double-crossed roof. As a result of the accommodation, the owner of the dwelling receives a full area of construction. At the same time, the consolation process of the penoplast manifold is the best solution among all possible thermal insulation options.

In order to conserve the memorial roof, work needs to be done

foams between propyl fractions. Overall, the thermal insulation process is as follows:

  • The foams of PPPs 17, PPP 23 or PPP 25 are measured and cut on the required size sheets.
  • The material shall then be located between the stroils in such a way that they fall as closely as possible into the space reserved. The penoplast must be secured by a special cage or use a self-relief.
  • This should be followed by the installation of a hydro-insulated tape, recording it by adhesion or construction stapler.
  • Also at the top of the foam, the owner ' s wish of the house may be subjected to a ruby layer or a cement and pest with an artifact.
  • It may then be possible to separate the inner face of the mansard by mounting a hipsocarton or other sequential material.
  • If the owner wishes, the surface shall be decorated by any method chosen.