Утепление крыши мансарды домов: вентиляция, как и чем правильно

Mansard's Roof Warming

Утепление мансардыToday we'll talk about the comfort of the mansard. What's a mansard? Mansard is the same attic, if you think so. Only used for economic or residential purposes. Of course, when used, it requires a warming of the roof. You won't live in a cold room, will you? If heating in a mansard, all his effects will be destroyed by an intact roof. We have to consider that warm air always rises up. If there's no barrier on his way, he'll easily leave the house through the roof. That's why. Mensard warming - the necessary operation to upgrade it.

Утепление мансардыTypes of installation

How do you make the roof warm? It's comforted in two ways:

  • The warming shall be done before the final installation of the roof (shephere, turtles, proflist) - laying the heater on top of the street;
  • The stewarder's down, with the ready roof, the works are inside the mansards.

In general, the first method is most commonly used in the initial construction. When a black space is planned in advance. The same method is used when the roof is closed or the building is altered.

The second type of warming installation is used more frequently. It's a way to work at any convenient time. For example, in the family, the addition, and in the family council, decided to separate a family room. But there's no money to build a good house. One out is building a room on the attic, making a living mansard. It can be slowly comforted at a cold time of the year (of course not in the strong freezes).

Мансарда Утепление мансарды