Технология утепления крыши минватой

Limit Warming Technology

материалы для утепления крыши домаWhen the roof of the private house is warmed, the moisture and thermal protection properties of the roof should be taken into account. The roof protects the building from atmospheric precipitation, and condensate is unacceptable. There is also a need for a good ventilation of the black space, so that even when the moisture hits it quickly, it does not harm the design.

New materials

Contemporary materials, such as Isodod and Isovet, are widely used to comfort the roof and the black space of the house. Their application reduces layer thickness and ensures high moisture and thermal insulation of the roof.

The optimum option is to mount mats up to 5 mm thick and to accommodate the reflecting insulation.

Isowet-BMatts shall be provided when the roof of the private house is warmed up between the propyls and a two-way insulation of the reflecting type shall be placed above. As a result, there is an effective obstacle to overheating undercover isolation, and solar energy is well reflected. On the inside, the material reflects thermal energy inside the premises, and heat does not go outside.

Isod PL product for comfort house and rooftops is the thermal insulation of the reflecting type. On the basis of an inspected polyethylene, which is duplicated by a metal film from the shop. The characteristics of the material structure reflect up to 80 per cent of heat, resulting in the effects of the termos. The application of Isodom produces a significant improvement in the overall efficiency of the whole thermal insulation system. The material is sold in rolls.

утепление крыши загородного домаAdvanced polyethylene is a new material to comfort the roofs and walls of houses. Among the advantages are:

  • High thermal savings characteristics of modern materials;
  • Great password properties;
  • A wide range of temperatures;
  • Environmentality;
  • sound absorption;
  • Acceptable value.

To protect against wind, moisture and vapour, Technology proposes to use membrane:

  • ISOWET A - to protect the design elements and sink from rain and wind. The material removes the condensate and the moisture from the contuser.
  • ISOWET B - does not allow moisture from within. The material is a hydro-paro-insulated membrane.
  • ISOWET C is an effective hydroparolysis insulation.
  • ISOWET D is a universal material to protect rainfall and condensate blood.
  • ISOWET AL is hydroparolysis for blood space.

Consolidation of the roof of the country house

I need to understand that, no matter how you're stunning the walls and the floor, the heat will go upstairs and go through the roof. The proper warming and the passwording of the blood are therefore necessary. Because of the difference in temperatures on the street and in the room, the condensate is formed.