Утепление мансарды изнутри

Inside Mansard Warming

Как утеплить мансарду1Water selection

Selection of the heater

Do you know how to comfort the mansard? In order to select the most appropriate optimum solution, the following factors are recommended before the commencement of the work:


Designation of premises

Mansard Unused heart Storage box
Read our booklet, "How to comfort an old heart."

Утепление мансардыB. Selection of the steamer according to the clitm
Each contaminant has a specific heat transfer coefficient depending on the composition and density. Call on our sales consultants to find out what the standards are for your region.

B. User selection according to type of stroyl
The choice of the insulation material and the method of its attachment depends on the distance between the trophiles, their thickness and location.

G. More space due to thin comforters
Using insulation materials more thin than traditional, additional space can be gained.

Утепление мансарды своими рукамиYes. Internal or external insulation
In the renovation of the premises, the insulation is generally classified by reinforcing the insulation materials under the roof. In the construction of the building, the insulation panels may be located directly on the building blocks on which the sheets for the attachment of the roof (worms, sypheres, etc.) are placed.

Insulation materials are not limited to those mentioned in this booklet. There are other, less-known comforters for special cases.

2 Training

Free of moisture
1. Please check the condition of the design elements and, if necessary, process them, as this will not be possible after the insulation.

With moisture
2. How do you comfort the mansard if the mineral wat of normal thickness is used as insulation? In this case, moisture or aluminium foil shall be used to avoid moisture into the retrieval of the contaminant and its thermal insulation properties. The watermelon shall be attached from the loophole.

Как изнутри утеплить мансарду Как утеплить мансарду своими руками Как утеплить мансарду своими руками Утепление мансарды своими руками видео

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