Утепление фронтона

Fronton Warming

Part IV Fronton warming

Three thermal insulations are used for the front, depending on the construction of the building. If the house is built by a laminable shell, the heat insulater shall be placed inside the shell itself. There's a cover outside, and the inside is a loaded wall. It's best to use a mineral vata as a stove. The insulation layer shall be stored if, according to the calculations, the conserver will be injecting water.

Between 4 and 15 centimetres shall remain between them and the face. A special membrane, which will protect from the rain, shall be installed so that the manslaughter room does not blow up the wind.

If the facade is large, either foam polystyrol or sliding mineral vata may be consolated as consolation, as leakproofness and geometric stability of shapes are important. If there is no possibility of external warming of frontal walls, the walls shall be internalized.

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