Пример крепления минваты

Consolidation Of Mesards Of Mineral Cotton

Sx_Mansarda.jpgMansarda is a residential black space built on the last floor of a house with a mansard roof, which is a very popular decision in the construction of private dwellings.

When the mansards are warmed up, in addition to the steamer in the form of stoves from the stonewall, the vapoursulation plug and hydro-resistant membrane shall be used to prevent the heat insulation stove of water vapours from inside the room and the atmospheric precipitation outside.

The thermal insulation plates used in this design shall be of low thermal conductivity, high vapourproofness and sufficient turpitude to be kept between the mansard trails only by means of control. These properties have thermal insulation stoves from the LIGHT BATTS SKANDIC and

  1. Blood;
  2. Ventile deceleration (~5 cm);
  3. Permit;

rockwool_constructive_solutions_04_b.jpgMensard thermal insulation: comfort installation

On the inclined surfaces of the mansard, the thermal insulation plates shall be placed between the stroil. Their recommended step 580-590 mm in the light. Where possible, the thermal insulation layer shall be uniform, avoiding the separation into sections of any construction. A 50 mm vent shall be provided between the contour and the roof cover. Upstream of the thermal insulation plates from the stonewall for the comfort of the mansard, following the technology, a Membrane ROCKWOOL must be installed for the KROV. Insides, the steaming tape is mounted, and then the hinges are fixed, where the interior of the mansards are sewn with boards, hypsocarton sheets, etc.

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