мансарды пенополиуретаном

Consolidation Of Foam

Утепление мансардыThe roof of the house is not just a protection against the weather, but also a symbol of the architectural end that gives home a special expression. The roof, in most cases, but not always, is built with the use of a black room for a living room, a mansard. Mansard is a floor in a black space whose facade is fully or partially formed by the surface of the inclined or slope of the roof.

If your house doesn't have the mansards, you've got the so-called cold heart. The cold attic means that the warm contour of your house will be shut down on the plane of the black cover, and above, at the very attic, the temperature will be striving to the ambient temperature. It's cold in winter, summer is hot.

Комфортная мансардаThe cold attic device isolates the upper deck from the black room (see Figure 1).

Figure 1

NOOSFERA is doing work. worm comfort The private house or cottage is so polluted by foaming foam (PPP) directly on the black cover top or, at least, down to the ceiling.

If you want to put in your house a living heart or a warm and comfortable manner, like the one in the picture,

What needs to be taken into account is that the mansard floor is more likely than the lower floors to be exposed to heat loss for the simple reason that there is no warm cushion, and the warm air always rises upwards at the expense of convenience and seeks to go beyond the refrigerating structures and cover.

Rhys. Air condition

It's no secret that warm air is colder, and it always turns up, which makes the temperature below the ceiling higher than in the middle and down of the room. Upwards the warm air filled with water vapours falls into the cold area of the attic, ends there, and condensate and subsequent moisture may be deteriorated at temperatures. Higher humidity may cause the appearance and reproduction of mushroom and mould. That is why the thermal protection of mansard and black spaces is subject to stricter requirements than outside walls. In addition to being constructive. ♪ ♪

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