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Photo Repairs

Старый шкаф, раскрашенный в узкую полоску, создаёт вертикаль­ный акцент, зрительно увеличи­вая высоту потолка.My granddaughter's room in a day's mess, I used to do it by leaving her furniture and things that moved out of town from our city apartments. But the girl grew up and wanted to redesign her privacy. She is now studying at the art school and maturely approached the upcoming case: she drew sketches and asked their parents to agree.

Photo: Olga Ruchev

The idea of decoding a room in white and blue gamma was at the heart of the shift. The wagon on the walls and ceiling was supposed to be painted white, and the floorboards and the blades were blue. Provision was made for the purchase of new textiles and the replacement of bras, chandeliers and torches. The granddaughter's old furniture was about to leave, but repaint. The new interrier did not fit only the burnt writing table, the place of which was supposed to be a small old trunk.

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The old closet, painted in a narrow strip, creates a vertical accent, sensually increasing the ceiling. Photo: Olga Ruchev

The repairs are a month, but we're all happy with the results. The white walls and ceilings made the room easier and compensated for bad daylights. A large mirror, which is certainly present in the interior of any girl's room, is now located opposite the window and is also visually expanding the space.

Photo: Olga Ruchev

There are also artistic " bullies " of grandchildren. On the glass adjacent to the window interval, she drew a wavely white strip, and there was an original signature on the floor. The young artist used many citations from the literature that she loved.

Photo: Olga Ruchev

The new interrier was a stylish and cozy one. Also, by doing a difficult but interesting creative job, the granddaughter has gained useful practical experience.