Мансарда квартира дизайн

Mosque Apartments

A mansard floor or just an attic, as previously called it, is an extra space that can be used for a variety of purposes. Mansards are in the countryside. Very often, the owners of the apartments on the last floors of the city multi-storey houses will renovate the black space by obtaining a permit from the authorities, merge it with the apartment and create additional space for their own benefit.

Messards: options and solutions

Mansards are not rare, but rather a rule for each house, and it's not just unique, but as functional as possible. There are many ideas for changing the black space today. Our customers, at times, are surprised by diversity: solutions we offer much more than traditional designs.

  • Someone's building romantic bedrooms.
  • Others are building a vault, a space that contains everything and unloads residential areas. Modern storage systems in this case affect the variety of options.
  • Identity plays workshops, musical salons.
  • There are real estate owners who turn worms into a universal place for meetings, leisure, family and friends, from a variety of generations to their interests.

Let's talk about the last one. The idea of creating such a universal space for the entire family came to the mind of the owners of the country cottage, where Mensard floor has a sufficiently large area. In doing so, separate rooms with bulkheads are " stealing " space, and there is no need for small rooms of unclear use if all generations already have their privacy on the floor.

Copyrights and professional expression

Our designers have done a lot of work on this mansard floor:

  • Adult recreation area;
  • A child-friendly playing area that has been successfully scattered under the roof and has allowed the small growth of children not to reduce space;
  • Sports training for active games;
  • Home cinema;
  • Stellas for books preferred by the older generation and modern media for young people...

All this differentiation in an amazing way has created a single concord of mansards. With a white background that creates a sense of purity and freshness, the bright paints of the children ' s area are well matched with the flower accent of the rest of the Territory and cause pleasant emotions.