Постройка каркасного дома с мансардной крышей самостоятельно

Mensard Roof

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Since the French architect François Mansar, who lived in the sixteenth century, has come to use the black space for his accommodation, more than 400 years have passed, but today, the Mensard house has been very popular among those who seek to maximise the space available at home, without the need for major changes.

We're looking at our visitors. Mensard housing projectswhich is carried out on the basis of the modern aesthetic. Our catalogue contains a variety of options designed to cover the roofs of two-square, waltz, warehouse, bar and other structures. In other words, we tried to take all the tastes.

As you have already known, the existence of mansards serves two purposes: the practical, expansion of the useful space and architecture, the alteration of the outer face of the house, through a mansard device. I have to say that the house with the mansard has been dating quite often. The explanation was higher, but there's another reason. The companies that develop house projects have offered their clients more options with mansards, while the contractors that directly implement the project have been able to gain sufficient experience to secure the construction of mansards.

It cannot be said clearly that the black space is used only for accommodation, or only for storage facilities. You have the right to decide how to dispose of the mansard.

We propose. Dry house projects with the mansards that have been performed on the basis of the demands of our clients. That is why each project has a high degree of individuality and is not the same as the previous one. In terms of principled differences, these tend to relate to two points: the implementation of the concept of natural lighting (size of windows, their location, glass area) and the presence/disavailability of the balcony. In our project catalogue, you will find any variations, both the classic implementation of the mansard floor and bold architectural solutions.