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Mansard Roofs

Today, the mansard roof is one of the common solutions to the architecture of extra-urban private houses. It allows for the provision of accommodation on the attic of a building that can be used for any purpose: recreational and leisure zones, sports, bedrooms, children ' s etc. Mansard is always built under rolling roofs that can have absolutely any configuration.

It can be:

  • Loman.
  • symmetrical
  • triangular
  • non-ymmetrical

Each has its own characteristics and nuances. But many regulations and standards for the construction of such coatings need to be followed in order to create such structures.

Mansard with your hands.♪ Design and features.

The most optimistic option is to plan the creation of a mansard at the construction stage. This will provide an opportunity to make the necessary calculations for the design of the mansar roof. The roof itself of such a plan is complex. It consists of the following elements:

  • Hydroisolation;
  • The components of the system are stroyl;
  • Permits;
  • Blood;
  • Parosulation;
  • Decoration (internal);
  • The conservator.

The construction of such a design begins with its design. This is an important step on the quality of which the length of service depends, as well as the technical characteristics of this part of the facility. Preliminary studies of the building ' s base are under way, attention is drawn to its architectural harmony and attractiveness along with the planned mansard. The interconnection of engineering and communication systems of the house with the building site is calculated. If problems arise, separate solutions need to be developed for the normal use of the sector.

The functionality of the roof, its reliability and the necessary strength must be calculated, and all possible loads must be calculated. During the design phase, the design and elements of the mansards shall be decided which will have a direct impact on its design, type and purpose, together with the general architecture of the building.

The start of this roof is recommended to start with windows.

They're inclined and vertical. We need these windows to open to vent space. The rolling (cloned) ends shall be fully aligned with the roof gradient. They are the best option for mansards because:

  • the space passes the maximum number of light;
  • There's a great view of star skies and clouds.
  • Thanks to a simpler method of hydrosation, the cost of such windows is significantly lower than vertical;
  • have greater reliability by reducing wind exposure.

The propile system is also a very complex and most important step in the creation of a mansard roof. Its installation should be approached with all possible responsibilities.