Спальня на мансардном этаже

Mansard How To Build

Строим дом - этаж или мансарда?

When we talk about the floor, when it's about the mansard.

The house with two floors is often referred to as multi-ethnic, regardless of whether it is the second level of the mansard or floor.

The lower is the second longline with the right outer walls to the stropyl or roof. He has a full height across the area.

Mansarda is a virus under the roof, whose height changes according to the shape of the roof.

What should the house look like?

On the other hand, a house with a full second floor has a more urban view. A double-deck house doesn't have to look like a cube and be less attractive than a house with a mansard.

In addressing the question of the height and shape of the second longline, it is worth remembering that we have no dilemma - landing or " cubic " . In fact, there's much more choice.

So, the floor or the manifest? If we don't make a decision, let's think...

What space is needed on the first floor and what is upstairs?

Planned, typical MensardThis is a somewhat enlarged first floor with large rooms of the day area: the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, the office, and the idling, and a reduced upper lane with the bedrooms. The difference between upper and lower area would be even greater if one of the bedrooms or garages were located on the first floor (in the main part of the house).

There will be another situation if there are many rooms upstairs: four bedrooms, an additional working room or a children ' s room, and add a passage over the high living room down there. Maybe the second floor area will be equal to the first floor area. In that case, it would be advisable to abandon the idea of mansard.

The house with the mansard is good if the first floor should initially have a larger area than the second tier. If you want to have as much space as you're down there, you better build a two-story house.

What area do we want to build?

If we know about the planned area of the house (the area of the necessary spaces) it should be compared to the area on which the house will be built. If the area available for construction is about half the area of the house, thought must be given. We need to remember, the more the building space, the less the garden.

If the site is small, it's best to build a two-stage house with the maximum number of necessary facilities upstairs without a mansard, thereby reducing the workload on the first floor.