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It's Good To Keep The Mansard Safe

The creation of a memorial floor in a private house is a means of expanding the useful area.

The prefabricated space will be fully adapted to the accommodation provided that communications and wall warming are provided.

The correct polluting by TSC personnel will ensure that the necessary microclimate for an equipped room under the roof is maintained.

Work with mineral cotton and other rolling or stoves requires hydro-isolation equipment. This process requires additional time and costs.

There's no need for a foam. And the higher cost of consoling the mansards with modern polling will be entirely offset by the absence of additional materials and the long life of service.

Benefits of polyurethane comfort

1 кая Low thermal conductivity
House warming with solid foam

2 о External and internal sound insulation
Home comfort

3 й High level of adhesion
The material is well placed on all surfaces.

4 ная Available price
Best house warming cost

The ready layer does not have mounting stitches, which completely prevents the infiltration of the cold and the moisture through the walls. This consolation of mansards does not require the cost of hydro-insulation materials and fully meets environmental requirements.

Price of foam


  • Nice thermal insulation.
  • Savings to 50% of funds
  • Light as air
  • Fireproof

70 per m2

Return call


  • Reliable protection from cold
  • Increased rigidity
  • Great hydrosulation.

130 m2

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It's a good way to comfort the penopoleurate.

The large area of contact with the outside environment (more roof) is a distinct feature of the pre-constructed upper deck. She's leaving the room with 1/3 heat. This fact is the main reason for keeping the mansards from inside special materials.

By conferring on modern and efficient material, the penpolyurethane, the master of construction will receive the upper floor suitable for full residence. An educated insomable layer will remove the colds and concurrently become a parosis layer.

Our work.

Implementation foams The working group of the CTC is structured around the following sequence:

  • The fronts of the house and the inner part of the roof scatters shall be cleaned from separation, garbage, dust;
  • The thermal insulation shell shall be carried out;
  • The finished surface shall be removed.
Утепление мансарды пенополиуретаном