Интерьер дома с мансардой фото

Interpreter At The Mensard Home

If you live in an old house in the middle of a beautiful city, every square metre is valuable. So what good is missing? Even of the 30-metre mechandise, there's a lot to go out.

In the photo:

Subject information:
Mets: 30 square metres.
Place: The Hague, the Netherlands
Year: 2007
Architecten: Queeste Architecten
Photo: Teun van den Dries

To be honest, the flaws in this mansard have suffocated: a space of only 30 square metres, and those are severely cut by roof rolls, windows are large, but they look mostly at the roof of the next house. Out of this not the most lucrative place of housewives, they decided to make Maff apartments for the tourists. And make tourists want to go there. Queeste Architecten has been invited to write all the things needed for comfort in The Hague.

The minimum color, no sharp angles and all the furniture built, the architects decided. And it's true that it's a white mansard, the exception is the black floor. A classic and irrevocable reception, saving the interior of a small apartment, the more visible the floor, the more the space seems. The only bright half is orange couch. But the color is so juicy that he's got enough to charge his beard with all the mansard. The elimination of sharp angles in favour of soft lines has made small space more friendly and cozy.

There's a lot of space to eat.

Each cubic centimentary is used extensively, with a virtuously written shower and a sanulus that has even been large under the general measures of the mansard.

Apartments are divided into two logical parts, on the one hand, simple shower, toilet and sink, on the other, living room. The kitchen is in the middle.

Maff apartments are located on the third floor of the old house of the 1890s, the right to the red roof. Upstairs tiny Mensard window It goes to the square.