Как оформить мансарду?

How To Make A Mansard

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One of the most valuable features of the mansard is silence that will be provided to all who are in it. That's why there's a better place to relax, not to find in the house. The rest room, which was built in the mesard, will become a multifunctional zone for all members of your family. You can watch TV here, read the book or meet friends at the pool table. We'd like to meet the options for fixing the mansards and select what you're gonna have to do.

1. Theater is the dream of every movieman.

Before starting to process a rest room in the mansard, it should be decided how it will be used. There are many options. The most popular of them is the creation of a home cinema. In this case, it is logical to place a soft couch in the shorter wall and, on the other hand, to install all necessary equipment. And don't forget the quality sounding, there's nothing I can do about watching movies.

2. Establishment of a single reading angle

For those who like to lie with a book in their hands and appreciate the privacy, the mansard will be a place where you can read the romance of a favorite writer or just celebrate at the window, smoothing into the sky. The bookcase is unlikely to be placed under a roof set, and the great exit from the situation will be the shelves and drawers.

3. For real guru yoga

If the terms like Niamah, Pranyama and Asana are familiar, you'll probably not abandon the idea of creating a yoga gym on the attic. So that there's nothing to distract you from concentration and focus on practice, you don't need to bury the space with furniture. The warm floor, the carpet and the window with the view of the sun is all you need to learn and relax.

4. Mansarda - non-standard

Mansarda's a special place because it's under the roof itself and has walls and ceilings of a non-standard form, inclined, which is why there's always a lot of sunlight. Therefore, it is generally not necessary to completely redesign the mansard, its design is unusual in itself. The minimum cutting and the chair near the hearing window will do the image of the room.

5. We'll set up a white rest room.

If the area of the attic is small and the ceiling is low, don't use the bright shades for the cutting. It's better to cover all white paint without crossings between walls and ceiling, so the room would seem more simplic and help create a calm atmosphere.