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Mansard baths with veranda. The most demanded projects for delivery. We can buy a public bath with a guest room on the second floor. They're interesting that they can be used as living gifts. The Russian baths are low, at most a week (the prices and parameters contain each project).

Nice design and comfortable living rooms, simple. Logia, the mansard floor and the terrace make the project exquisite and irrepetitive.

We can build a little bath in two weeks.

БаняProject 306 Prohor (6x8)

Brain house

The proposed wooden house projects are made out of a total mass of attractiveness and functionality, thanks to an additional element such as a mansard. Village buildings in this style have a large area thanks to the mansard floor. We are building without prepayment and on favourable terms.

Projects of wooden houses with mansard:

Work of the design studio of the Launa-Grafik

Nice guest bath with the mansard. Mansard floor, this is a place of rest or guests. This one. Mansard bath He'll steal your precinct, make a great decision to give. All our baths.

БаняIt's a long house with two gym rooms and a balcony. Feeling good, original project. We'll put a little wooden house in three weeks. Prices acceptable to all options.

It's a nice memorial bath with a lame roof. Nice, beautiful design, a good location for all the premises, a boardroom room and an open rest and living veranda in the summer. The warm walls.

An unusual wooden day house with a mere mansard floor surprises its design, the right design. It's gonna hurt your owners. A comfortable place for permanent residence and recreation at reasonable cost! Call the company's mobile phones.

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