Проект уютного двухэтажного

Double Houses With A Mansard

So what brings our customers to this decision, why do they choose two floor houses for their family? Now we're gonna tell you this, and we're gonna get you a suitable project for a two-storey country house.

  • Economicly justifiable solution - a two-stage house compared to a single-story equal area has a smaller base and a smaller area of blood. Less is cheaper, and the price often plays a decisive role in the choice of a house for the construction of a cottage.
  • Competitiveness - A double-deck cottage is smaller than a single-stage dwelling of the same area. Less house, more space on the precinct. If it's small, it's very important every square, and you want to use it as rational as possible. The two-storey house project will help to use the area with maximum benefit.
  • Security Many people don't feel comfortable sleeping on the first floor, they feel more confident on the second floor. If Two-storey house project literate, the first floor can be guarded overnight, leaving the second floor free to move.

Two-storey houses

Our home projects are generally divided into two areas, the shoe area (first floor) and the sleep area (second floor). If it's calculated correctly, there's nothing on the second floor that's happening on the first floor. On the first floor, the kitchen, the living room, the plumbing, the garage, the catering room and if there is a need for an additional living room. This room is used for guests or older family members. Older people are more likely to spend their evenings and will not interfere with the rest of the family when they are already resting before the next working day.

The second floor is bedrooms and one or two sanusles. Wardrobe rooms or stores may be added.

Also in our project catalogue, you will find extra-urban houses equipped with a garage, a terrace or a cordon. The rest zone and the sauna.