Детская в мансарде фото

Children In Mensard

When I was a kid, I wanted to live in a room in the attic, so I didn't know what it was called a mansard, but it didn't make me fantasize about her. I don't know why many people like this part of the house so much, but in my imagination, it seemed like a mystery corner for games, a secret room or something. Now, Messard for me. - a place with incredible charm, an atmosphere of comfort and an inspiration for the creative wave. Many artists, sculptors and other artists involved in creativity are chosen as masters of the Mansards.

If you're lucky to have your home, and especially with the mansard, please don't use it as a storage room where there's a lot of old unnecessary things. It's a universal room that can be adapted to any room in any way. The bedroom, the children's, the game room, the guest room, the cozy corner for the rest, the library, the shop, the work place, the gym, the billiard, the bathroom, anything, everything depends on the square and your fantasy.

In order for the mansard to become fully fit for life, it is necessary to fill it with a large number of lights, which is the best thing to do with windows. There are special windows for rigged walls in mansards. You can.