Как построить мансарду

Build A Mansard

If you have a small area and a small house doesn't suit you, and you want two floors, then it's time to think about building a second floor or a mansard. This decision will depend on the appearance of the house and the interior, as well as the price of construction. It's a question of price.

From an aesthetic point of view, a house with a living mansard will be more beautiful, as it allows the fantasy of the designer to go out. But if you're building a full second floor, there's gonna be a more standard city face at home.

Most often, the manslaughter room is associated with a calm place where a person can relax. But it has to be borne in mind that it's difficult to build a mansard because it takes fantasy and the ability to make non-standard decisions. Furniture has to be specially picked up, because standard here won't fit. The establishment of a room with walls inclined requires a more scrupulous approach. If you don't like it, then it's clear to stop the choice in a double-deck house.

If you haven't figured out what you're building, the second floor or the mansard, then before construction starts, you need to sort out the costs and start with the design.

In the construction of the house from scratch, it is possible to save on the basis of a small mass of mansards. But in case of reconstruction Single-story home, an assessment of the capacity of the foundation should be made, and it is only after that that that choice is to be made. Most often, the mansard option is only possible.

Similarly, if you care about the cost of construction, it should be taken into account that the construction of walls, the warming, the fabrication and separation work are costly. Thus, if you take the difference in the value of the conventional and manslaughter window and the cost of separating and consoling the common house and the lamb surfaces of the mansard, the final value will be virtually non-existent.

Another nuance is a useful area of the second floor. If it's a normal house, then the useful area of the first floor is the second floor.

In the case of a mansard, it's different. With walls inclined, the useful area is always smaller than on the ground floor. The difference depends on the degree of inclination and the height of the wall.

From this point of view, before a final decision is taken, everything should be carefully weighed and only then proceed to work.

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