Красивые мансарды: дизайн в

Beautiful Mansards

This apartment with the walls of Quartz's colour was placed on a mansard floor in one of Sweden ' s cities. The situation was so pleasant that we had at least a minute to look at each photo. We've been under such a strong impression that we've even made a couple of interior morals and interesting associations. Try and you're thinking about breaking into the magic of this interior.

1. Quarterly moral

This interrier, like the fairy tale, has its own morality: to place under one roof the colored pieces of decor, gangster marts, leather pig and mattttress so that no one can be left in grudge, perhaps, but to do so, the colour of the walls must be found. It turns out that it's very good to " take off the voltage " quartz.

2. Living conditions under the roof

Mansard floor - It's a special category of housing, but if you're still happy and you, like Carlson, live on the roof, you should look at the interrier even more carefully. The decorative probes are well used: they lock the roof in such a way as to form suitable shelves. The image of the bourjoyka is under way; it should be noted that the normal fireplace on the roof would be less appropriate. By the way, the scandals are crazy about such furnaces, even though the most fashionable models are made by the Australians Nectre Heaters. Furniture, especially the chair, is a little shorter.

3. Monsard night

The evenings at the mansard are being held on a simplic balcony on rotang chairs, right there's an American grill, a table with a marble table on a lion loop, typical of city café, candles and hortensions on the floor of the deck board.

4. Furniture capacity

Furniture items often have a wealth of potential that needs to be solved. For example, the eminent old sliding table from the oak got a second life in this interior next to completely new chairs - what effect!

5. Cooky glazing

The kitchen garrith is equipped with large, insulated scobs. Have you noticed how they're shining effectively when they get sunlight? If the kitchen glazing is important to you, take that note and see what other arrangements are in place.