Баня с мансардой

Banja With Mansard

Fundament: Tumbs of 200x400x200 mm blocks shall be manufactured for four units in each tumb. Tumms are mounted on the perimeter of the walls at a distance of about 2 metres between themselves.
Outer walls: 95x145 mm profiled row.( wall thickness: 9, 5cm). There's a jute all over the perimeter.
Partitions: Carcasino shields.
Height: First floor, 225 cm. Second floor, 220 cm.
Red: Rolled 40x100 mm from the bruise, 20 mm from the cut board.
Blood: Ondulin (green, red or brown).
Fields: 20 mm black floor, ferry/hydro-insulation (pergamin), URSA 50 mm warmer, 27 mm floorboard.
ceiling: Evrovagoka " In " class, contiguous URSA 50 mm.
Parade: A oxin wagon with folgs.
Doors: The door in the steam room is a synonym with glass, the rest are filthy.
Windows: 800x800 mm double glazing - 3 x 600x600 mm - 1st.
Poles: Bi-Cyrus, Osin.
My room:
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