Двухэтажный дом с мансардой

A House With A Gasoline Machine

Projects of foam houses (bestone: gasoline (gasoblocks) and penobetone (peno-blocks) - This is a modern, justifiable and beneficial solution: foam houses (gasoblocks) have a number of advantages: foams are cheaper than bricks, and thermal insulation is far superior to them. Eggs in the laying, easy to combine them in different combinations and drink. Living in a house of foam or gasoline is much more comfortable, as houses from foams are breathing. According to their environmental characteristics, brothel or gasoline houses are close to wooden houses and significantly exceed brick houses. Projects of foam houses may be single-stage or double-deck, with mansard, garage, basement, basement, and have different sizes (to 100 m2, from 150 to 200 m2, from 200 to 250 m2, from 250 to 300 m2, more than 300 m, etc.).

All model projects of houses and foam boilers are adapted to the construction region (grunts and local climatic conditions) and the wishes of the Wall Bookers - BESPLATNO (except for discounted stock projects). Additional changes may be made to the web site ' s model projects of foam houses (a slight change in the projects is carried out by BEPLATNO, a significant change for a small advance).