Simple Mensard House Projects

There's still a temper of thought! Recently, in the Perovo area between the five-stage creeks left there, I thought, "How sorry they'd be dropped!" 'Cause there's so much precious in the city of green, and there's a more human, human life than there's a 20-story gromade where a man loses, like a little cockroach.

But they will: the decision is made at the highest level.

What a miserable fate for our people is to start forever from the beginning, from scratch. There's some kind of psychological defect in this, striving to erase the past, throw up, start from the beginning. There's something in it that's a kid's, a first-grader, rips out a page-written curve, or it just drops the notebook over the closet and starts-- a new, divine white page. Miakovsky once called the USSR a " teenage country " . A thousand-year-old Russia, and suddenly a teenager. Then, in the '90s, something got bobbed about the young Russian statehood, we're not grown-ups, we're underweight again. Found what happened before. The demolition of five-tracks, which have been successfully reconstructed in Germany and elsewhere, from this series.

And I was texted by a construction engineer with a 56-year interval, Sergei Ivanovich Chercas. He was texting some of my articles (not five-stage) but somehow offered to see what was done, and very successful, a project for the reconstruction of one five-stage in South Tushin. That's it, it's thought attraction! There's been a reconstruction of Alexei Croth's architect, who lives and works in that previewed five-stage. My building son and I went there.

We've seen a modern, beautiful 8-stage. Mensard homewith a convenient entry, flats, elevators, lodges inside of which an old five-stage is being held. She didn't have to be cleaned up, blow up, take her out. However, the cost of the meter lived in a previewed five-stage one third cheaper than in a new panel monster, which grows on the cave of past life. How this is done technically, I need to write separately and thoroughly, which I will do. But now I'm not talking about technical details, I'm talking about principle.