проекты загородных домов с

Projects Of Town Halls With Mansard

- Andrei, on the basis of the name of the Red Wood House competition, we'll talk about the wood cottages. How are they in principle today?
♪ The wooden house is experiencing another peak of popularity in the world. The forests exported from Russia are widely used for construction in Europe, where such houses are honourable. In our country, the Ministry of the Russian Federation is updating the design standards to increase the use of wood in capital construction. There may be wooden heights in Russia soon enough. In cattle construction, the proportion of tree houses grows with each year. Consumers vote to roam for available and quality material that gives nature itself. The international competition, Red Wood Houses, is a sort of market mirror. Traditionally, the most interesting projects that have been built by any wooden house-building technology are available for participation. It's both a broken house and a home from a normal or sliced brushe and, in our case, a house on a wooden carcass, in my view, the top of the evolution of a wooden house. Modern technologies provide fire safety for such buildings. The carcas itself is capable of a simple age, and the stonewall stores great heat and saves energy. Technology has another important advantage that we're talking about today is beauty. The TECHNONICLE system, which embodies the best world practice of carcasing house building and achievements in the production of construction materials, offers the option of choosing from. But in principle, we did not focus on this option and on building individual planning houses and architecture. The standards that we have developed make it easy to fulfil the customer's dream of a perfect house. One of the projects implemented was a winner.

♪ Tell me more about this project. What's his specialty?
Class A+ in Aleshkino, DOM TECHNONICOL technology built last year, and the elegant luxury came as an online voter, and he became an absolute voice leader. Class A+ in Aleškino is conceived as a place where the family can enjoy the full enjoyment of life, enjoy recreation and communication, charge energy and positive emotions. The object is implementing an up-to-date cottage architecture when the area near the house is used as a functional residential space. And in this case, by sitting in the living room at the fireplace, the masters and their guests may enter the courtyard with a glass of champagne, without losing the built atmosphere. Doors and panoramic windows with nomad glazing are located almost at the same level as the base, making a sense of life on nature with real soil under its feet. Construction technology enabled the customer ' s desire to make the house as full of natural light as possible with modern green resource-saving trends. The house, as the project name shows, has an energy efficiency class A+ - very high.

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