Эскизный проект двухэтажного

Project Of A Two-Storey House With A Mansard

We know that the Russian modern buildings are my only weakness.
This landing prompted an immediate desire to visit her.

" On the eve of XVIII-XIX, these were based on the siege of V.P. Bakhteyarov and Lapkeeper N.I. Tuvikov, who belonged to their heirs until 1871, followed by both amputees, who owned the supporter V.P. Durnovo and his family.

In 1897, near these lost names, the Leib Medic of the Imperial Court of S.P. Fyodorov (1869-1936) began to settle its pre-1917 landing (A.B. Chijkov, A.A. Zorin).

At a high-end stretch of the track, a project by a Swedish engineer G. Svenson was built into a modern building. Today, it is the main decoration of the Robovo Sanatorium. There was a public museum of Fyodorov's surgeon in the building for a while, but today, there are disturbances and slaughter in the house. ♪

All the facades of this frivolous two-stage mansion with the mansard are individual. His disguise is complicated by a corner tower, terrace, balcony, gestures and wings.

The windows of all forms play an important role in shaping the image - they can be commonly rectangular, aroctic and oval, as well as gradient and narrow as fighters. The lights are in the mansard, and they appear to be east-size and not clearly defined.

On façade planes, different steps of separation and deck are successfully combined: smooth surfaces, shoe stacks, ceramic stoves. There's also a tree in the decor.

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