с мансардой: проект дома с

Project Home With Brick Mansard

The catalogue presents ready brick house projects developed by professional architects. For ease of choice, a grading and filtering system has been implemented:

  • customers;
  • linear size;
  • Type of construction (urban, garage, bath);
  • Style;
  • External separation material;
  • Floor;
  • There are other designs and design features.

The proposed brick house and cottage projects are provided with external illustrations and floor planning, as well as cost and detailed descriptions.

Brick advantages

Designed and adapted to all technological requirements, brick houses have the following advantages:

  • Strength and stability of design: the solvent brick is a monolithic structure;
  • Durability: brick of waste to climatic and biological destructive factors;
  • Fire safety: The brick is made of non-flammable and non-resistant burning materials, which facilitates the construction of houses with furnaces and fireplaces;
  • An excellent external type that does not require the finishing section, which is included in brick house projects;
  • The possibility of implementing architectural forms of any complexity;
  • High insulation coefficient by acoustic noise, heat radiation and moisture effects;
  • A plastic brick combination with other construction and separation materials: wood, metal, rock.

Benefits of prepared Brick house project

Having a ready project in hand, the customer is given the opportunity:

  • Calculate the required number of construction materials;
  • Determine in the brick house the optimal location of the communicators;
  • Develop detailed estimates to allow the selection of the contractor for each type of work;
  • To monitor the timely completion of each construction phase.

The advantage of model brick house projects (reuse projects) to individuals is that they are cheaper.

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