Проект дома с гаражом и

Plan Of The Mensard Home

The 2011 project of a small individual house with a mansard and a garage and a hungry would be successful in any natural landscape, including a flat track and a slope site, the Mensard Bottom Project is a good choice for economic urban construction with a " reasonable " budget. The estimated value of the construction of the house at 2014-2015 prices was 2.4 million roubles without net room separation. This project develops the necessary housing units for a comfortable family of 4 to 5 persons. Photo of the " Mansard House " project You can find in "Realization" with a red ceramic brick.

Constructive solutions in the Mensard Project:

Fundation: Monolyth ribbon.

House walls: The gasozilica, the conserver, the lining brick. The gasoline block may be replaced by a keramsito concrete or other similar wall stone.

Blood: Village stroil system. Metallurepist. (The equipment may be replaced by a soft roof).

Ceramic two-coloured brick, conserver.

The cost of a ready project at 7,000 p.

No further changes to the design of the house.

We note that by planning the construction of a house with a mansard, the construction process itself can be stretched somewhat, given the level of capital investment or seasonality. As a rule, the first floor of the house can be repaired and repaired, settled in it and, at a later date, at the time of the accumulation of the required amount, can be easily redesigned to the second floor. It is essential to respect and avoid the constructive decisions set forth in the draft so as to eventually obtain a thoughtful, comfortable and comfortable home. The developers have recently begun to have taste. Remember the comfortable, aesthetic home built in a favourable place will always be used in the market for peri-urban properties. You might want to sell in the future. Building your house on the project and with pleasure, it's the right path to time-tested!

It's a special kind of schik. There's bedrooms, rooms, children's rooms. If the mansards have an open roof, it turns into a terrace.