Новинка! Лайт-дизайн-проекты

Mensard Projects

The draft carcasing bath in Turepovce from the NG Our City is a choice of model options or a custom-made individual design.

We're doing the design of a bath of any area and a plan: a single-story, one-floor + a mansard, a house-band, a bean with a ferry and a pre-banner, a bath with rest rooms, etc.

Projects are being developed for the construction of any technology: wooden carcas, metal carcass, brick, blade.

The bathing project may be complemented by decorative architectural elements, including balcony, veranda, terrace.

A separate area in our work is the LSTC ban projects (light steel fabrics). They are built with fast-moving, time-consuming, hot baths with a life of up to 100 years. Implemented Carcasing baths Under the key.

Quick-impact projects

Specializing on the construction of LSTC, a design service is offered for the construction of apples to the metal building. You can find out on our website. With regard to the design phase, we are developing individual solutions and adapting any LSTC project.

Projects are also being developed for other construction materials: bricks, light concretes, blank materials, wooden carcass.

Mensard Project

We're designing a mansard for the built buildings. Projects are being developed for zero-cycle construction.

We'll adapt the LSTC mechandise project if you bought a project to build another technology.

Other projects

We sell ready and project from scratch. Model garage, technical, household projects are available.

For the suburbs and private palaces, we sell model projects and individually develop projects of conversations, artistic and architectural elements and landscape architecture.

Building carcasses and other objects under your own or acquired projects.

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