Проект дачи

Mensard Day House Projects

The dream of any city resident is a little day house. But everyone has its own image. Someone wants to get a compact cottage of ergonomics, someone to buy a small, long house where the whole family was going on weekends and holidays.

One of the popular calls to our company is for the construction of small-time houses. We offer a huge choice of building and sequential materials, as well as architects and designers, which will help to realize even the boldest fantasies. We've got different projects of the day house that you're gonna love with your original architectural decisions. Our catalogue is rich in proposals for any taste and budget. Okay, without expecting to spend a lot of money, you can consider the projects of a long house to 100 m2, where your whole family can live with comfort.

We made sure that you were given maximum pleasure at the time of the future real estate.

Designing gift houses is a fascinating and interesting exercise for our customers. The Dreamers, together with you, will work on the architectural solution you want to make.

Day-to-day houses from the tree are most popular. The construction time ranges from 30 to 70 days. We build as soon as possible and comply with all technological norms and standards. Ready House projects and cottage is the best solution for those who appreciate their time. This is an opportunity to obtain a fully designed architectural project and to proceed immediately to construction. The model projects of long-distance houses can be changed to " self-containing " , redesign of the design, exterior separation of the house, and only design remains unchanged.

Small day-to-day houses are also a positive investment in money. Prices grow with each year: building and sequential materials are expensive and the cost of work increases. We're offering you projects of low-cost houses with well-designed plans that will make it more comfortable for all members of your family. It's your chance to get your dream housing.

Projects of wooden carcasing houses are a great alternative to classic houses from brew, brushe, foam or gas blocks. It's cheaper and faster. Exploring the plans of the housewives and choosing what you like in our catalogue. Don't delay what can become a reality today!