Проекты бань с мансардой

Mensard Bang Projects

The Rush Bony Construction Company is pleased to present you with the best projects of a profiled brace with extended living space, with a mansard. It's practically home-banks who in their design have not only a couple, a shower (mouth) and a rest room, but also additional rooms such as bedrooms and san knots.

Often our customers. bananas They want to have a full house in their precinct not only a place to rest in the form of a bath. Therefore, the projects listed below will ideally serve as the main building on the site or as a guest house for their friends or relatives, allowing for the deployment of a large number of bright eyes. It's the contact with your friends and relatives that will allow a full weekend on the wilderness and rest from the city's loom! Having a bath in the house will allow you to enjoy all the benefits and homes and baths at the same time.

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