Проект дома с мансардой


Франсуа Мансар - проект мансарды 17 векMansard - This is an operating part of the building which protects the construction of the roof at the same time.

"The mansard is a floor in the black space whose facade is fully or partially formed by the surfaces of the inclined or lamane of the roof, the line intersection of the roof and facade shall be at a height not exceeding 1, 5 metres from the floor of the mesard floor."

In 1630, François Mansar (French Architect) decided to use the ankle as a living room, so it was a black floor and it was called Mansard.

устройство и утепление мансардыThe advantages of the private construction mechandise are clear. The installation of mansards under the roof allows for the organization and use of additional housing space. The construction of a mansard floor on a cold attic or flat-operated roof will help reduce heat loss through the roof. The mansard floor occupies the entire area of the building or part thereof within the walls of the building below.проектирование мансарды With the technology of the mansard roof, substantial savings can be achieved and the cost of repairing the roof can be reduced.

Device Mensard roof The case is responsible because it is affected by various negative factors: the moist air from the premises rises upwards and falls into condensate on the interior surface of the roof. Therefore, the correct device of the blood pie of the mansards is necessary: comfort, vapour isolation and hydrosulation. The mansard floor has the largest area of contact with the outside environment, which requires effective protection of the roof. The thermal insulation usually uses baslt stoves (mineral-waste) or glazing. On the side of the premises, the contiger protects the vapours and on the outside, hydrosulation. Between thermal insulation and roofing, a ventilation canal should be provided to ensure the heating and removal of saturated air from under the roof.

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