фото мансарды: старинный

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The mansard floor is a qualitative and quantitative added place in the private house. It can be used as an additional warehouse for things and/or products and as a living room. Depending on the configuration of the roof, the building has a different useful area. In a space of 20 square metres, a cozy bedroom, a children ' s room, etc. can be created. Qualified professionals will select an optimal version of the interior design for you, help develop an effective project and conduct planned work in an integrated or partial manner. The value of services is established during the preliminary discussions on the mutual consent of the parties.

How to use a floor of 20 square metres

State standards have established that at least 50 per cent of the worm room has a height of 2,5 m. Depending on the inclination of the roof of the private house, a large or smaller useful area will be actively used. In the inconvenienced, at first glance, the angles are carefully placed with the niche, the shelves, the closets, the wardrobe. Other important elements for design development are:

  • Location of windows: the establishment of a room or a children ' s room would entail the installation of additional glazing to provide sufficient lighting; if the design of the mansards is intended to be a bedroom, additional point lights will be sufficiently installed;
  • The protein supports are small (mainly on the side, up to 2 m) but are separated Mensard floor 2-4. Successfully used as a backbone for the shelves, furniture and decorative elements of the interior design;
  • The house-planning, 20 square metres of worms, can be divided by a square or a rectangle. In the latter case, it will be more effective to develop adjacent rooms (cabinet or children ' s room and bedroom, etc.).

One of the virtues of the attic is that it is not part of the housing area. A well-designed intern of mansards will help you with a qualitative distribution of the useful space of the house, and a properly designed design will create the desired 20 square metres.