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одноэтажный дом большой фото

Copyright and model plans for single-stage large houses: elite suburban housing

The projects of large single-stage houses become increasingly popular every year in individual construction, and are no longer perceived as forgotten and untimely. On the contrary, large-scale single-storey houses are the subject of an elite modern house.

Ready Single-stage housing projects A large area is not only an original architectural style, but also a comfortable planning of single-stage large houses, a harmonious combination of all buildings with the environment. It is true that the projects of single-stage large houses (photo, diagrams, videos, drawings that can be viewed on the website) are the best reflection of the notion of " natural nest " , a cattle that stores family and family history. The new private large single-stage houses (foto be attached to projects) are not only a beautiful architectural structure, but also a good start to create a family image that will unite entire generations and become a birth name.

Plans for single-stage large houses: distinctive features of houses

The presence of large balconies and terrace is an excellent feature of elite siege architectural projects. In summertime, it's always nice to have a whole family terrace or meet friends for a cup of coffee.

In our collection, we can choose a large single-stage home of a variety of style options, from classic to Hai-teq.

Large single-story beautiful houses (focused projects can be viewed on the website) that do not meet all customer demands, can be adjusted by our staff for a separate cost. To that end, the change services could be used. Plans for single-stage large houses, size of the house, addition of space or altered facade may be modified. Alternative heating and ventilation systems, heat generation, etc. may be further developed. Landscape and design of single-stage large houses will develop our experienced designers. As a result, you'll get a comfortable, beautiful single-stage house with a conversation, a pool, etc. The developers may also be provided with a basis for the preparation of estimates, which allows a large single-stage house (footed in this section) to be built at no cost.