мансардные этажи

Mansard Floors

It's a definition of the Mensard Floor from the SNip. Sanitation standards indicate that the height of the accommodation space from the floor to the ceiling must be at least 2,5 metres.
In each residential area, the ceiling of at least 2,5 metres shall have at least 50 per cent of the space.

It is interesting that, by urban standards, the memorial floor is taken into account in determining the floor of the house.

Мансарда разрез

We're not here to describe all the options for the machine floor. We only note that the outer walls of the memorial floor are generally two parts.

One part is vertical, usually made of the same wall material as the lower floors.

The other part is the inclined carcasing wall, where the carcasus uses a trail system of the roof, and the outer casing is a roof.

In order to increase the area of the mechandise floor, the roof inclination angle shall be raised and the vertical areas of the outer (attic) walls increased.
For windows, it is often necessary to complicate the roof form or apply special windows, They're in blood.

Every room (including living rooms) of the mechandise shall be equipped with a forced ventilation channel. The natural ventilation of the mansards will not be able to provide regulatory air exchange due to the low height of the channel.

All These measures also reduce savings in the cost of construction of the mechandise floor.

Large roof structure with many scatters, complex warming and hydroisoling, special Mensard windows in the roof, all of this, significantly increases the cost of building, repairing and operating the house.

Another argument of the amateurs of the mansard floors is that houses with a high-complicated roof form are more striking, more attractive and original, and bedrooms with walls and windows in the sky seem exquisite.

It's hard to recommend beauty and fashion. It should only be noted that the fashion, even in the architecture, the lady is variable. And people's perceptions of beauty and comfort also change over time.